The session on "Communicate for Success" was conducted wonderfully with a surprise segment for each and everyone of us .  We all got a chance to deliver an impromptu speech.  Feedback was given for all speakers.  We were also told how we could deliver a speech in future in our working environment or talking to anyone we meet.  Thankyou for the beneficial sharings and thoughtfully providing us with food.  This has enabled us to have peace of mind.  We could really come together to learn and not worry about other things like if our tummy will be growling.  This also eliminated me finding excuses like - I need to rush to have dinner and skip the impromptu segment.​  The only thing was there was too much food.  All other things were perfect.  Would hope to have more of such sharing on a regular basis and grow our own club:) ---Kezia Lim

The session gave us wonderful learning opportunities and you are a great speaker.  You have covered a lot of areas to improve our skills. One good thing is that everyone could practice and get feedback from the audience.  It is a good way to learn.  This session definitely help me to learn and gain knowledge and understanding of powerful speech techniques.  It also gives confidence and motivation to overcome fear and to speak smoothly and effectively - Stevin Kyaw

This is new and at the same time very useful for me.  I have a dream.  I want to be a good speaker.  Today's session has triggered me to move towards my dream.  Mr. Menon has prepared the training material well with flow of slides and the session completed on time.  He providedrelevant slides, video clips and examples.  I would like to thank him sincerely -- K. Jayakumar  

Thanks for a great Webinar presentation on Communication : The key to Project Success, I enjoyed the stakeholder analysis and power grid because I sometimes see the influence that the people with a lot of power and little interest have on a project success -Declan Carroll